Finding Solutions to What Divides Us


The Problem

Most people (72%) agree this country is heading in the wrong direction. The Hill

And our political system is gridlocked, and it seems impossible for us to agree on a right direction.

Our Mission

We believe that we can assemble everyone in productive discussion about what divides us and it will unite us, and incredible things will result.

We're not about one side winning out over the other.

We're about finding the balance that moves us forward, gracefully.

This is the civil pursuit of a more perfect Union.

Here's How

  • We have the internet so we have a place for everyone to come together.
  • We've seen in real life deliberative forums and living room discussions, that in small groups, diverse people do come together, and are willing to listen, and they do find agreements.
  • We have seen that there can be a wisdom in the crowd, that together we can find the answer when no one alone can do it.
  • So we are here to make small deliberative discussions happen online, by the millions, and keep happening, until this country is moving in the right direction and we all agree it is.
  • Technical:

    It’s a web application that works on mobile and desktop for structured text or video discussion with random people, where everone's voice is equal and we vote up the best.

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